Sunday, January 01, 2006

Santa Barbara

In the meantime since my last post, a lot has happened.

1. Interviewed for and turned down a job with an air ambulance company in AZ, that uses King Air C90B aircraft. Pay would have been great, around 50-60k plus housing, but living on the "rez" is not easy. I was willing to take the job, until I realize pay was not as high as advertised unless I worked extra days, and then a silly non-compete clause too that would keep me from flying for any of their competitors for a period of 2 years after leaving there.

2. Stained the house and garage in Angel Fire.

3. Took a position as a "Captain" with Air Cargo Carriers, flying a Shorts 330 (Irish Concorde haha) on a route between Santa Barbara and Ontario California. I now have a type rating in the Shorts 330/360 series, and have to wear a monkey suit, I mean uniform, when I fly. I live in Santa Barbara now, with my overnights during the week in Ontario.

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