Monday, May 23, 2005

Evening storms, over Sangre de Cristo mountains. Angel Fire ski resort is in the background. Posted by Hello

Fire Season arriving

Already lots of fires in AZ, resulting from the heat, and the abundant grasses from all of the spring rains. I will be starting June 4th, and making frequent trips thru Safford and Show Low AZ, St George Utah, and Minden Nevada.

I look forward to it, and besides, no woodpeckers to wake me up at 7am on weekends. Why they seem to like to wake me up early mornings after nights I have gone out, I do not know. Sometimes they are drilling the deck, or the walls, or sometimes the woodburning stove pipe.

This will be my last weekend in Angel Fire, probably until september. It should get a bit crazy around here, especially Red River this weekend. Anyone wanting to come up, let me know. I will probably be working in the Mother Lode saloon this weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2005

High Altitude Biking with Crows

Apparently Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow have been spending some time here in Angel Fire
this week. He is wanting some place high elevation for training.

Interesting videos

Lets just say this is the worst halftime show ever. Looks like in UK or Europe, but 1st singer can not sing, 2nd appears to be severely depressed, 3rd well, looks a bit on the "special" side, and 4th, well what the hell are "pwomises" and "dweams"

Some Iraqi insurgents are on the losing end of a missile launched by an aircraft.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

This was from April of 2004, Silver City Tanker Base, Grant County Airport near Silver City NM. Posted by Hello

First posting

Well this is the first of many posts I guess, or I hope. Soon, work starts for the summer.

Last summer I was in India after the large forest fire tankers were cancelled, so this summer I will be flying the smaller fire recon planes.

Soon, no more mornings of woodpeckers, pine trees and hummingbirds, at least for the summer. It will be replaced with heat, the sound of aircraft engines, and the smell of grasses and trees burning however.

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