Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Do they sell structured snake oil too?

Well some scams never seem to end apparently, and some people will always fall for something. There is a new business here in Angel Fire, , that is recycling that long discredited quacker of clusters of structured water, and also putting extra oxygen in the water.

The whole basis behind these "water clusters" is that they can structure the water into some kind of clusters, which supposedly go into cells faster. However that is not the case at all. A Nobel Prize was given out in 2003, for research that showed that water molecules pass into cellular pathways, 1 at a time. Not in a structure of other molecules, just 1 at a time, so its decidedly unstructured.

And then they make claims that putting extra oxygen in the water, somehow puts extra oxygen in the bloodstream, giving you energy faster. Thats another hoax, because, well, we dont have gills in our stomachs and we derive our oxygen from our lungs and alveoli, not from gases in drinks. Even if they do put more oxygen in the drink, a lot of it will leave when the top is opened, (gaseous partial pressure laws come into play) or you will burp it out, just like you do with carbonated beverages.

I hope to put the word out regarding this scam, and inform more people about this so they dont spend 3 dollars on a bottle of water. Say NO to Angel Fire Water, and their scam. This is their scam in brief, from their website.

Angel Fire Water Co., LLC brings you water that is:

Structured - assists in rapidly hydrating the body
pH balanced - much of our disease is caused from unbalanced pH
Super-Oxygenated - oxygen is necessary for proper metabolic function
Never chlorinated - chlorine is toxic
Pure mountain water

It really gets deep on their brochure link, however you might just lose IQ points reading it, so you have been warned.

Explanation of the structures and clusters quackery

"Oxygenation" scam

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