Sunday, August 07, 2005


Well here I am, in St Johns, after about a 5+ hour flight from Bangor Maine.

This place is beautiful, and fun. I can see why military pilots have gotten here and reported the planes needed maintanance, just so they could spend the night. George St is packed with bars and clubs! I got to spend 2 nights here, because I did have something that needed to be looked at. The 35 gallon fuel ferry tank, that is right next to me in the cockpit, had developed a leak.
It should be fixed now.

Too bad I have to leave to go to the airport at 6am though, I want to see some more nightlife here.

Tomorrow, after that early wakeup, I can look forward to about 12 hours of flying to Reykjavik Iceland, with a stop in Greenland if needed.

After that, it is Odense Denmark.

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