Friday, September 02, 2005

Looters and Anarchy in NOLA

Its embarrasing and disgraceful how looters and criminals are taking advantage of a situation to steal, rape, kill, etc. Its more than just needing food or clothing, its people taking TVs, boxes and boxes of shoes, electronics, etc. People who excuse this as just "survival" or who think its just because they are poor, really need to rethink thinks.

This country was poor and agrarian for much of its history, and looting was not something that happened after every disaster. Even in modern events, like flooding of cities or along the Mississippi, there was not much anarchy. Look how people work together in the midwest, especially in places like Grand Forks and Fargo North Dakota, when there is a flood.

Compare that to what you see in New Orleans. Its a product of their "hip hop" urban culture, where doing wrong is right, doing right is wrong, stern fathers, and fathers in general, are practically non-existent. Getting an education is seen as "white", and people aspire to be a criminal.

Instead of the so-called "civil rights leaders" coming out harshly against it, they make excuses for bad, and deadly, behavior. One that was on tv just now, really dismissed it, and tried to equate the looters who look merchandise, with doctors under police escort who took medication to help people.

Personally, I think shoot to kill orders should have been given, and if some looters had to be killed to make an example, so be it. I would rather no looting happened and no one was killed, but law and order needs to be kept.

The mayor seems to be rather weak. I know there is not always a lot he can do, or anyone at times, since much of the city is under water, but you sure dont seem him on television that much, coming out strongly for help, or against looting. He seems to be acting like a helpless victim, instead of a strong leader like Guiliani was after 9/11.

And then there are those who are using this calamity to take cheap political shots. Enough said about that...

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