Monday, October 03, 2005

Latest update

. Started to ferry a new Cessna 172 to Europe, but mechanical and paperwork issues
stopped the flight at Bangor, Maine.

Turned down a King air pilot job, with a good company, with good pay, but could not agree to any restriction on future employment that would be in effect after leaving them. While I understand why they might want that, I can not accept such a thing, nor am I going to sign it and worry about it later. I certainly can not see the future, and its completely possibly it would never be an issue, but then again, since I would like to fly out of Albuquerque or Santa Fe at some point, it could be an issue later. I would not want to live out in the reservation for long term, so of course i would be wanted to get back at some point to NM.

I saw a phone number on my phone that I did not recognize, but I saw it was an Angel Fire number. So I looked it up, turns out it is the owner of "Angel Fire Water", mentioned earlier in this blog. Hmmmm, wonder why he called? He probably did a search under his company name and came across what I wrote and figured out who I was and how to call me.

I will say it again. I think Angel Fire Water is a SCAM OPERATION. I think Angel Fire Water is trying to use junk science and false claims to make money. "Structured Water" and "Oxygenated Water" are known hoaxes. I also think the owner of Angel Fire Water, knows this too.

Angel Fire Water is even now listed on the "Aquascams" listing of companies and products.

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