Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another long overdue update and my new house

Okay, its now mid december. I am no longer in Africa, but in Boise Idaho, flying a King Air C-90 on a cloud seeding project. Boise is not too bad, sure beats Mali, except that I do not get quite the same paycheck.

But at least I have a life for a change. There was not much to do in Mali but fly, and I did that about

I also just bought a new house here. I may not be here a long time, but even if i have it just a year, I think I will still come out fine! Hopefully I can find some flight crew roommates, and also get a hot tub in there soon.

I can be tracked on if you put in the tail # 911FG. I usually just fly back and forth on specified tracks, always returning to Boise. And I do know a King Air C-90 will fly with lots of ice, just not very fast.

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