Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hoping, hoping...

Well I found a company that is looking to hire a Smokejumper Captain on the Twin Otter for the summer fire season, and when I got ahold of the chief pilot, he was already made aware of me by someone I met in Reno. So that is a good thing.

I would expect to not then get this Boise winter project as mentioned earlier, however it goes along with my long term goals to be in the aerial side of wildland firefighting, and getting carded as Smokejumper Captain is a definite "feather in my cap" so to speak, and it a big accomplishment if it happens. I would rather do that, then go off to Africa again, although I sure liked the pay from Africa.

I am am hoping that I can get this position, even though it will mean less pay over the next year. But when applying to get on with Dyncorp for CDF, it would really be something that makes me stand out and is fire related.

Flew again last night, wasnt much happening, and little to no icing. It probably really takes about an inch of ice to start getting my attention.

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