Monday, February 05, 2007

What do I do this summer?

Well it is nice having options. My long term goals are to get back into flying airtankers, either for a contractor or CDF, or USFS pilot. I have a pretty sweet winter contract with Weather Modification here in Boise, that I would like to be on next winter.

So do I go do forest fire flying, either recon aircraft or possibly flying smoke jumpers and risk not having this winter contract? I think if I get an offer to fly smoke jumpers as captain of a jump plane, I would probably take it. Getting a carding as Smokejumper Captain is pretty good to have, and would still look good when applying for USFS or CDF (actually the CDF contractor). It looks like Wxmod will have lots of summer overseas work, which means that there will probably be an excess of pilots for the winter, and naturally the ones who are currently on would have priority.

I fly a King Air C-90 right now, well because it has been so dry, I have not flown a lot, so it is a paid vacation compared to Africa. If I do stay on with them, then I could choose whatever summer contract I want.

However, since apparently I have made substantial headway in getting on with CDF, I think it would be wise to try and fly on fires this summer, but we shall see.

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