Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yet another ass-clown academician

What is with these people? For many of these liberal arts professors, they have never had a real job or been outside of the university system since they were a freshmen. Every university seems to have its obligatory contingent of those who worship at the altar of socialism, who blame the US for the troubles in the world, and who cry when a jihadi dies.

Some excerpts of this lunacy :

"The American military and mercenary soldiers who “sacrificed” their lives did not do so for the teacher’s freedom to teach the truth about the so-called war on terror, or any of US history for that matter. They sacrificed their lives, limbs and sanity for money, some education and the thrills of the violence for which they are socially bred. Sacrificing for the “bling and booty” in Iraq or Afghanistan, Philippines, Grenada, Central America, Mexico, Somalia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any of the other numerous wars and invasions spanning US history as an entity and beginning with their foundational practice of killing the Indians and stealing their land."


The excuses that they give for joining or intending to join the US military terrorist training camps are first and foremost motivated by a desire for money.

One student proudly said that he is willing to kill for money, a better standard of living and an education. Another student, who had done two tours of duty to the Empire in Iraq, justified killing and torture, citing the importance of staying on top as the world’s number one super power so that his family could have the highest standard of living and unlimited access to the world’s oil supplies."

I feel like I need to take a shower after reading that persons thoughts. Its just ironic that the reason this person has the freedom to express such detestable thoughts, is because of the US military. I am sure the countries that this person holds in higher esteem (probably Cuba, Iran, North Korea) would have dealt with such dissent rather quickly.

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