Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Arrived in Middle East

So I am in a middle eastern country for a couple of weeks now, this countries initials are Kilo Sierra Alpha, I am in the capitol city.

I am in a nice housing compound, even with two armored personnel carriers that guard the entrance. Also there are concrete barriers on the road in, so a vehicle could not just go really fast. There are a series of tight turns leading in here, then a large metal gate.

But in the compound, there are pools, a small store, restaurant, and exercise gym. The house i am in is nice, even has internet, although slow at that. Its certainly more livable than Mali was, even much more than India, at least in the compound. Its not too wise here for a westerner to just go wandering around alone though, while in India and Mali there were no problems with that.

I did not bring my camera here, so there probably wont be any photos. Large parts of the airport are photography prohibited, especially the military part. I did see an F-15, Tornado, and a 707 derivative refueling tanker. It was not exactly a KC-135, although quite similar.

I should be done around mid month, then back to Idaho. I want to take a vacation soon, maybe to Iceland or eastern Europe.

Lovely weather we're having, isn't it? Oh, I think so. This is my favorite time of year!!! [Seriously.]

Umm – if you wouldn’t mind – care to share with us next time you notice extra security, please?!? I kinda, sorta noticed it on Wednesday night when I got a speeding ticket for doing 62 kilometers in a 40 kilometer zone – which is impossible – I stopped at the sign, turned left and had a block and a half to go – in a Tahoe – to get up to 62 kilometers per hour?!? Nah. I think not. Did not get my ticket; argued with security and told him I would have had to lay rubber in order to do what he said I did - so told him since women can't drive here, to take it up with my husband. [Husband will be thrilled when he gets home on Sunday!] It is one of the only places – well one of several if you count all of the Aramco compounds – where we “Western women” can drive. I was in a foul mood to begin with – won’t bore you with the trivial details – but will tell you that I had Toby Keith’s “Unleashed” CD absolutely blaring out my windows – [Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue] – “We’ll put a boot up your ass it’s the American WAAAYYYY!!!” and that made me absolutely NO points whatsoever. I could have “protested” the ticket if I would have gone to security – but the point would have been??? And because I’d had a couple glasses of juice – yeah, grape juice – let “them” tell you there’s no drinking here – alcohol being haram and all. We’re all alcoholics because there IS nothing else to do.

Anyway. Hope you are safe and returning home soon. We are here – have been here almost five years. Husband keeps saying another ten?!? I think he’s trying to kill me so he can convert and take three or four wives all under the age of eighteen… [Go for it, Honey, and Good Luck with that!!!]
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